Layer Control

Layer control I believe is an important role in AutoCAD draughting and when I heard my dad was cleaning up his layers in the old fashion I had to make a video to help him. 

So I bring you my first tutorial on AutoCAD teaching you the way forward to quickly clean up your layers in AutoCAD

Why Outsource

Why Outsource


1.      You do not need to employ a Permanent Draughtsperson to get your drawings done.
2.      It is a cost-effective way, which more companies are heading towards.
3.      You save; because compared with the big companies, our overheads are low. We don’t have large, impressive offices and loads of employees to pay.
4.      It is low-risk. You don’t have to hire us for long-term projects.
5.      Try us out on a small project first.
6.      It is flexible.
7.      You only pay for our services when you need them.

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Cost savings
Outsourcing can make business processes much simpler and therefore free up time for business owners to improve other areas of their company. It can also save money by reducing expensive processes such as recruitment, training and strategy formulation. Many companies like the fact that outsourcing costs a fixed amount every month.

Another popular reason to outsource a service is that an external organization might be better at recruiting experts for the task at hand. Those with expertise in a certain field are more likely to be better at recruiting and training skilled staff than anyone based in-house.

Work-life balance
Outsourcing might not always turn out to be more profitable than recruiting in-house but business owners that can afford that extra expense might do so anyway in order to improve their work-life balance.
Many business owners dream of creating a passive income and this is the main goal of companies who outsource their everyday duties.

Physical boundaries
Companies may not physically have the space to deal with an increase in staff and so choose to outsource rather than expand their own premises.

Businesses who take the time to pick the correct external provider are likely to find that outsourcing has plenty of advantages for them. The money spent on hiring a third party to complete a task should be seen as an investment and not an expense.